Speaker: SJ Tucker

S. J. Tucker is the voice of lore at the campfire, the sharp laughter of modern myth, and she’s proud to contribute to the soundtrack of our collective imagination. A performing songwriter well loved at fannish & witchy events at home and abroad since 2002, she wields an award-winning body of original music known for changing lives and healing wounded hearts. Whether you found her through solid crowd favorites like “Firebird’s Child” and “Cheshire Kitten”, or you’re just encountering her fierce, healing spirit for the first time this year, S. J. (Sooj to fans and friends) has a song for you. In performance with deft guitar, skillful hand drums, and versatile vocals, she runs a shape-shifter’s gamut from silly to sacred and back again, embodying the truth in our songs and stories, the spirit of community and wit. The 2020s have brought challenges to us all, but Sooj has kept the lights on and the music going, thanks to her incredible, loyal fans worldwide & their willingness to attend & get the word out about her online shows. On her plate for the near future are such treasures as a long-awaited follow-up to her spiritually focused Blessings album, a return to full-time touring when it is safe to do so, continued online concerts with varying themes & on-location filming, and a record of songs all inspired by her adventures closer to home. Sooj hopes to keep successfully straddling the line between touring, presenting online shows, and producing new musical content as all the coming chapters unfold like vibrant leaves. Her greatest wish is for us all to adapt, survive, and succeed with our whimsy intact.