2023 Host: Nikki Kirby

Nikki Kirby looks slyly into the camera, her head covered in a dark patterned scarf, a grey smock layered over a dark red shirt

A leader in several communities, Miss Nikki Kirby is a business founder and owner of Moonlight Potions & Charms, Magickal Myst Entertainment,  and operates as a Magickal Life Coach. She is a Reverend/Clergy member to several Pagan traditions including the High Phoenix of Evermoving We Rise and a High Priestess of Hecate. She is the Founder and Head Phoenix (Priestess) of the Evermoving We Rise (EWR), an organization dedicated to the Authentic Self. Miss Nikki is the Executive Producer and Host of the podcast web series Witch Hat Chats, a show for Pagans by Pagans. Her magic background consists of European, American South (Appalachian), Native American, and Asian magic with Hoodoo, rootwork, and family ancestry.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missnikkikirby
Website: https://www.moonlightpotionscharms.com